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Senior Developer - IS Customer Experience

Location: Chennai
Company: Expeditors
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"We're not in the shipping business; we're in the information business" -Peter Rose, Expeditors Founder
Global supply chain management is what we do, but at the heart of Expeditors you will find professionalism, leadership, and a friendly environment, all of which foster an innovative, customer service-based approach to logistics.
- 15,000 trained professionals
- 250+ locations worldwide
- Fortune 500
- Globally unified systems
- Participate in planning, definition, and high-level design of the solution and explore solution alternatives.
- Enable the Continuous Delivery Pipeline through appropriate design guidelines and investment advocacy.
- Actively participate in the Continuous Exploration process as part of the Continuous Delivery Pipeline, especially with enabler Epics.
- Define subsystems and their interfaces, allocate responsibilities to subsystems, understand solution deployment, and communicate requirements for interactions with solution context.
- Work with customers and stakeholders to establish high-level Solution Intent, and the solution intent information models and documentation requirements.
- Work with solution stakeholders, notably the System Architect, to develop, analyze, split, and realize the implementation of enabler epics.
- Define, explore, and support the implementation of ART Enablers to evolve solution intent, working directly with Agile teams to implement them.
- Participate in Program Increment (PI) Planning and Pre- and Post-PI Planning, System and Solution Demos, and Inspect and Adapt events.
- Participate in the Architectural Runway in support of new business Features and Capabilities.
- Ensure effective design through Design patterns & code reviews are conducted.
- Support technology/engineering aspects of ART/Team Kanbans.
- Provide oversight and foster Built-In Quality, Team and Technical Agility.
- Prepare and manage Team Enablers in support of ART Enablers.
- Coordinate breakdown of Solution Enablers into ART or Team Enablers.
- Understand the Architecture of the ART and engage constructively to develop it.
- Support I&T engagement with Solution and ARTs/Teams.
• Object-oriented programming and component-based development with Java, Dynamical programming paradigm where applicable.
• Module level software development and leadership experience.
• Customer service-oriented attitude, top-notch time management,and quality driven designs.
• Experience with Angular, HTML5, Kafka, SOAP/Rest Webservice, JMS/Sonic MQ, Spring- Boot and Data, Hibernate, SQL, XML/Json data format, Linux operating systems, relational and document-oriented databases.
• Hands-on in implementing most Java design patterns.
• Experience in building and architecting modules.
• Experience with Agile software development methodologies.
• Exhibits a Lean-Agile mindset.
• Hands-on in CI/CD Technologies
• Strong understanding of a Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and familiarity with Lean/Agile concepts.
• Strong in non functional concepts-Scalability, Security, Availability.
• Realtime troubleshooting experience in mission critical environments.
• Datalayer Management- hands on with SQL, DB tuning.
• Technical Design Experience of UI/UX layer.
Expeditors offers excellent benefits
- Paid Vacation, Holiday, Sick Time
- Employee Stock Purchase Plan
- Training and Personnel Development Program
Manager , IS Customer Experience
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