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Business Analyst

Location: Chennai
Company: NTT America Solutions, Inc.
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Responsible for setup and installation of technical systems, applications, or process designs for client's
purchased or outsourced technology and business process solutions.
Works directly with the client to manage initial access, map and transfer data, create process documentation,
and train or coordinate training for client users.
Tests and troubleshoots functionality of installed systems; identifies and documents technical issues to be
escalated to product and system integration teams for resolution.
Provides feedback based on client experiences to product and professional services teams for product and process improvements.
May work directly with clients on-site or provide installation support remotely.
Working at NTT
Enterprise Applications brings subject matter expertise in one or more
enterprise applications such as SAP, Microsoft, etc. This position will be required to perform most of the tasks
defined by the project, gathering facts, analyzing clients requirements and designing solutions that demonstrate
the functionality to support the findings. This individual participates in the planning, design and implementation
for the assigned enterprise applications and/or systems. This position is responsible for testing and
troubleshooting the functionality of the installed enterprise applications and/or systems by identifying and
documenting technical issues to be escalated to product and system integration teams for resolution.
Key Roles and Responsibilities:
- Works on strategic project tasks.
- Engage with clients to gather facts and analyze business requirements, including process.
- Participates in the design the solution and demonstrates functional to support the findings.
- Engage timely and provide quality consulting to the client.
- Assist in the technical preparation of business process workflows and procedures.
- Setup test scenarios and assist clients in testing cycles.
- Prepare end-user documentation and user manuals.
- Deliver progress reports and participate actively as a project team member.
- Perform the project management role on smaller projects aligned with accepted project management principles.
- Support peers and teams in specific areas of a project, such as functional testing, application configuration, data migration.
- Participate in delivery projects, supporting the lifecycle of EA projects.
- Executing functional testing of assigned applications.
- Participate in discussions around process design and configuration.
- Provide support documentation, system testing and authorizations.
Knowledge, Skills and Attributes:
- Knowledge and understanding of IT industry environment and business needs
- Excellent understanding of the business process
- Excellent project and/or program management skills
- Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
- Interpersonal skills with the ability to develop and maintain strong stakeholder relationships
- Strong communication skills (verbal and written)
- The ability to work with a variety of internal and external stakeholders to ensure that the delivery of business transformation
- Good creativity and the ability to work with abstract concepts
- Extensive knowledge of systems, software and programming languages
- Ability to focus on detail with an understanding of how it impacts the business strategically
- Excellent client service orientation
- Ability to engage with a variety of stakeholders and colleagues at all levels
- Ability to work in high-pressure situations
- Ability to establish and manage processes and practices through collaboration and the understanding of business
- Ability to manage urgent and complex tasks simultaneously
Academic Qualifications and Certifications:
- Degree
- Enterprise application-specific certifications preferred
- Certification in one functional area of application
Required Experience:
- Demonstrable experience working Enterprise Applications Consultant in one or more applications (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc)
- Some experience work across project lifecycles from scoping to post go-live
- Demonstrate knowledge of the functional aspects of the application or system
- Demonstrate knowledge of business processes and associated technology
- Demonstrated experience in providing technical guidance for the planning, design implementation of enterprise applications
- Client engagement experience
What will make you a good fit for the role?
Project Name : NCP (Nexcenter Portal)
- Should have 4-6 years of experience as business analyst
- Must be able to convert a requirement analysis to a scope document
- Define Business requirements and articulate to stockholders
- Must possess strong client handling skills
- Must be detail-oriented and an active listener
Is innovation part of your DNA? Do you want to enable a connected future for people, organizations, and society?
Join our growing global NTT family and you'll be part of the world's largest ICT company (by revenue). We've combined the capabilities of 28 remarkable companies to become one, leading technology services provider. Together, we help our people, clients, and communities do great things with technology to create a more secure and connected future.
We employ 40,000 people across 57 countries. By bringing together the world's best technology companies and emerging innovators, we work together to deliver sustainable outcomes to businesses and the world. Innovation is part of our DNA. We believe it's key to what makes us different. So, we strive to move forward, challenge the status quo, and drive excellence through the technologies we integrate and the services we deliver around the world. The result is connected cities, connected factories, connected healthcare, connected agriculture, connected conservation, connected mobility, and connected sport. Together we enable the connected future.
You'll be joining a global employer that is committed to attracting, growing and keeping the best talent. A place where you will be at the heart of our success!
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