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ROR Developers

Salary: 6 - 25 lacs/annum
Location: Pune
Company: Promobi Technologies
Hours: Full time
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Ruby on Rails architecture best practices ● Strong OOP knowledge in Ruby. ● Good Knowledge on Angular or React JS ● Asynchronous Networking in Ruby ● Designing RESTFul HTTP APIs using JSON-Schema or JSON API (​​). ● Ability to architect and develop API only backend ● Experience in using Active Record Serializer ● Understanding O-Auth2 or JWT (Json Web Token) authentication mechanisms. ● How to use RSpec ● Rails Security Best Practices ● PostgreSQL and Rails. ● SQL concepts like Joins, Relationships etc.
● Understanding DB Partition strategies. ● Knowledge about refactoring ActiveRecord Models (read this - “7 Patterns to Refactor Fat ActiveRecord Models”). ● Understanding scaling strategies for a high-traffic Rails applications (2 million+ requests a day). ● Background Job processing using Redis and Sidekiq ● Experience in using Amazon Web Services (AWS) tools. ● Writing automated Deployment Scripts using Capistrano, Ansible etc. ● Sending emails in Rails ● Knowledge in Linux and Git is mandatory Skills:- Ruby on Rails (ROR), AngularJS (1.x), React.js and Fullstack Developer
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