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Senior Software Engineer - Messaging Infrastructure

Salary: 20 - 40 lacs/annum
Location: Bangalore
Company: Hotstar
Hours: Full time
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At Hotstar, we have over 350 million users on Play Store & capture close to a billion clickstream messages daily. The engineering team at Hotstar is at the centre of the action and is responsible for creating the unmatchable user experience. Our engineers solve real-life complex problems and create compelling experiences for our customers.

As an engineer in the Data Products team, you will be responsible for building products, using data, that solve business and engineering use-cases for the company.

In this role, you will be building a pub-sub infrastructure for Hotstar that will support 20 million concurrent clients. You will work on protocols such as: MQTT, WebSockets, technologies such as: Apache Kafka, Apache Spark and, databases such as Cassandra, Redshift to build a scalable and real-time pub-sub infrastructure.

The pace of our growth is incredible. If you enjoy working on problems at scale and if you want to build our platform, join us!

Key Responsibilities

• Build low-latency distributed pub-sub infrastructure that can handle more than 20
million concurrent clients
• Build tools and platform that allow engineers to rapidly build pub-sub applications
• Write MQTT bridges and plugins that connect pub-sub infrastructure with the existing
Hotstar infrastructure
• Build monitoring tools to track performance and detect anomalies at scale

What to Bring

• Strong understanding of TCP and MQTT protocols
• Proficiency with Erlang and GoLang
• Experience in working with any MQTT broker. Experience with an Erlang based broker
is a plus
• Experience with AWS stack
• Experience with Apache Kafka
• Experience writing plugins and bridges for MQTT brokers
• Experience with databases such as Cassandra, Redis, Redshift Skills:- Java, Data Structures, Algorithms, C++, Erlang, Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), Go Programming (Golang), Design patterns and C
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