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Blockchain Startup: BD & Ops

Salary: 5 - 20 lacs/annum
Location: Delhi
Company: Fraction 0x
Hours: Full time
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What is Fraction 0x?
We are an all IIT Delhi alumni led blockchain platform that enables global investors to get fractional ownership in revenue generating infrastructure assets in emerging economies. Imagine sitting in Europe and investing $500 in commercial real estate in India. The investor will be entitled to the capital value of the asset and the revenue generated from the same. Fraction 0x will also build a secondary trading platform to bring liquidity and enable investors to manage their exposure to a given asset.
We are looking for 2 rockstars who yearn to be part of the Crypto Revolution! You will be working with a team comprising of senior professionals from Real Estate, law, and blockchain.
Your role will have two components
1. Crowdfunding Campaign:
a. You will execute the Fraction 0x crowdfunding campaign and help the company close a multi-million dollar Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
b. A mentoring team of blockchain founders and ICO advisors would be made available
c. You will be also be given resources (advisory, capital, HR) to execute the same
d. This will include marketing (offline and online), community building, reaching out to crypto investors, influencers and advisers of top crypto projects, working with PR and marketing companies, conduct events in India, outside the country.
e. Please research online what it takes to complete an ICO, to give yourself an idea about what the job will entail.

2. Business Development:
a. This will involve B2B sales to real estate asset management companies and Portfolio Management companies.

We are looking for people who are hustlers & entrepreneur at heart. If you are looking to start a company in future, this will be the perfect training ground for that!

1. Final Year or Fresh Grad of Tier 1 or Tier 2 Eng College.
2. An all-rounder personality, good exposure to extra-curricular activities and very good communication skills Skills:- Blockchain, Finance and Business Development
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