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Wealth Manager

Salary: 3 - 4 lacs/annum
Location: Mumbai
Company: Finpeg
Hours: Full time
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Job Description
This is an opportunity to be part of a team that has built India's first and perhaps the only robo-advisory investment platform. Our platform brings the power of Machine Learning Algorithms to wealth management.

And this role gives you the opportunity to be the face of these algorithms for the rest of the world!

It's a challenging and yet a super exciting role. You will be building your own client base by selling our wealth solutions.

It will be challenging because the learning curve will be steep. Within six months of joining, you will know the ins and outs of the wealth management practices. In fact, you will be better than the wealth managers working for those big fancy banks. Just ask our existing bunch of wealth managers!

It will be exciting because you will be selling wealth solutions that is currently not being offered by anyone else in India. You will be part of a team that is changing the paradigm of wealth management industry in the country. And not just a “part”, but one of the leading faces of it.

Anyone looking to build a long and a successful career in the Investment Banking space, this role is for you.

What are we looking for:

• Young bright individuals with entrepreneurial zeal.

• Prior experience in wealth management/investment advisory is a bonus but not really required.

• A decent aptitude for numbers. No, we don’t expect you to be a Ramanujan but just someone who is not scared of numbers.

• Talking to people should excite you

• Relatively good communication and language skills. End of the day, you will be talking and communicating a lot.

What this job offers:

Apart from a market salary of INR 3 lac to 4.2 lac pa, there are 3 other big components that should really excite you:

1. A very lucrative incentive structure linked to your performance. Just ask around about the bonuses in the wealth management industry!

2. But what should excite you more is a fairly gracious amount of ESOP that this role will offer. This will allow you to own shares in the fastest growing (and funded) robo-adviosry platform in India.

3. And perhaps what should excite you the most is the amount of learning that this role entails. As already stated, you will be better than most experienced wealth managers in big fancy banks. That’s our promise!

Important rule for applying:

The most important rule is that you have read the above JD and are excited about this opportunity. Therefore, along with the normal application, you must drop in a mail to with a brief cover letter that mentions the following:

1. Your background
2. Why do you think you are suitable for this role?
3. What excited you about this role?

Applications without this cover letter will not be accepted.

What We're Building
India’s investment advisory landscape is saturated with players that claim to be doing robo-advisory, but what they all essentially do is to help customers set up SIPs in top rated funds. Instead what Finpeg brings to table is NOT SIPs, but a set of cutting edge investment strategies, tailored to address unique requirements of each investor. For e.g. SIPs have no relevance for a retired person who has received a one-time influx of retirals and is looking to generate the highest possible monthly income from his retiral proceeds. Finpeg’s cutting edge monthly income algorithm helps such customers generate a steady monthly cash flow that’s up to 75% higher than what bank FDs yield.

It’s thanks for such unique algorithms that we are today growing at a pace unheard of in the industry. Finpeg crossed an AUM (Asset under Management) of Rs. 75 crores within just 30 months of going live, making us the fastest investment advisory startup in the country to cross this milestone. Skills:- Communication Skills, Sales, Consultative Selling, good with numbers and Finance
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