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With the advent of personalised homes even in flats , home builders provide the services of decorators to families before they can move in. Others choose to hire their own private decorators. These decorators have come to assume a central role in the aesthetic scaling up of a building before it is deemed fit to move in. Since they are not involved in actual construction work, they need not be experts at structural trivialities and civil engineering. A good aesthetic sense and product placement ideas would suffice.

Responsibilities & Skills

The decorator should have attention to detail. Even the smallest of corners can greatly contribute to betterment of aesthetics. Very often, the style suggested by the decorator may be tweaked by the client. Adaptability and pliability are always welcome qualities.Decorators also decorate show homes, by selecting and directing the installation of the furniture, wall treatments, etc. to complement the builders home. They must stay abreast of trends in design and consumer needs. The Interior Decorator is an intermediate level position in the homebuilding industry. Experienced Interior Decorators can pursue a sales career or start their own business once they have acquired a significant amount of experience in the said field.

Required Qualifications

  • Experience and training in decorating

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Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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