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134 Trade & Construction Jobs in India

Trade and construction is a big industry. There are many jobs available that match a wide range of skills and qualifications. If you are looking for office-based jobs, a spot in various management and consultation firms will be perfect for you. You can also apply for a planning surveyor, project manager, or as an estate agent which all requires strong interpersonal skills.

However, for a challenging career in the field of construction, you can apply for a field job that will require physical strength and stamina. You may be qualified as a site engineer, building services engineer, a landscape architect, or as an engineering geologist. All of which requires you to be fit to withstand the physical challenges involved in the job.

Most of the jobs for trade and construction are in line with the engineering industries. It involves a lot of tough jobs including building structures. However, some of the jobs are related to the development of plans, consultations, and even management of assets. The broad job listings ensure that you can apply for whatever type of job that you want from this industry.

Responsibilities & Skills

- A team player
- Able to comply with company policies
- Able to communicate well with other departments
- Quick to analyze different situations and respond immediately to problems

Required Qualifications

  • Varies according to role, but apprenticeships or college training are often required

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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