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Thrissur is often known as the cultural capital of Kerala, and was once the administrative capital of the ancient Kingdom of Cochin too. Its many centers of cultural, spiritual and religious learning have enhanced its reputation. The city also houses a secular array of religious architecture and festivities, including the famous Vadakkumnathan temple, the Thrissur Pooram festival, the Thiruvambadi Krishna Temple, and two famous Catholic and Syrian Christian Churches.

Thrissur is perhaps best known for in the modern era for its strong entrepreneurial characteristic, giving rise to many financial and commercial powerhouses, including some of India's most successful banks, thousands of gold ornament manufacturers, and a centre for internal trade in Kerala. Nearly one tonne of gold is crafted every single day in Kerala, and Thrissur accounts for 85% of this.

Some of the city’s other entrepreneurial ventures include textiles, Ayurvedic drugs and large retail enterprises. With its vast shopping avenues for textile and gold ornaments, colourful temples and festivals, imposing churches and easy going lifestyle, Thrissur receives the largrest number of domestic tourists in Kerala.

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Sales Manager
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Accounting / Finance
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Senior Programmer & Team Leader
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Content Writer
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QA Software Engineers
200000 - 400000 - Thrissur
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PHP developer
300000 - 600000 - Thrissur
Area Sales Managers
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