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Physics is a challenging subject and if an aspirant is passionate about the subject and love teaching, then he can definitely become a physics teacher. It is the main duty of the teacher to inspire and support his students throughout the course period and then give them assistance in choosing further courses or providing career guidance. The teacher must be able to understand the grasping capacity of each student in his class and teach accordingly. Teaching is an extremely satisfying career and there is always this demand for qualified teachers. There is career progression and good salary for teachers. Depending on his level of passion, the aspirant can add Maths along with his physics classes. This will allow him to apply for specialized jobs and even greater remuneration. Schools and universities are looking for specialized Maths teachers, so it would be a sensible career move. Scholarships are offered to aspirants wishing to follow the stream of physics.

Responsibilities & Skills

Apart from making Physics easily understandable even to students who might find the subject difficult, it is the duty of the Physics teacher to allocate tasks like homework, assignments and laboratory work to his students. He must also evaluate the performance of his students and gauge their level of understanding at regular intervals. The subject of Physics is always expanding and changing; the teacher must be able to recognize that and update his knowledge and attend refresher courses.

A physics teacher should possess:
• Ability to make the subject easily understandable to each student
• Good inter-personal communication
• Quick wit and humor
• Good command of English language
• Devise interesting learning strategies

Required Qualifications

  • Technical Degree in Physics/Mathematics
  • BEd/ DEd/TTC
  • Service training by DIETS for Government jobs

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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