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Music teachers are in a league unto themselves. The major reason is because you will never find a talented music teacher out in the street looking for a job. Music teachers can find jobs in schools, universities, colleges, community centers, prisons, music shops and hospitals. Many people request private teaching for music too. The pride of the teachers when they see their students performing in live shows, auditions and music performances is really something special and can never be replaced by anything else.

Music teachers can either concentrate on a special type of instrument, or a variety of instruments in the orchestra or vocal music. They teach music appreciation to older students and in certain cases, music theory and history. Apart from recognising the innate talents hidden in a student, the teachers must also be good at management skills and an expert at interpersonal communication skills. They must be able to recognise the potential in each student and patiently guide them through.

Responsibilities & Skills

Music teachers can work full-time or part-time in any institute or organization they wish. It is the primary responsibility of the music teacher to recognize the potential of each student and tap them to develop their hidden music talent. He must teach them to love music, and appreciate the art. Some students learn music to pursue music as career, some do it for enjoyment and some others do it as part of their course. The music teacher must know how to devote his time and energies to fulfill each person's goals.

- Excellent school management skills
- Ability to see the potential in each student
- Patience to guide each student

Required Qualifications

  • Doctorate in Music
  • Degree/ Diploma in Indian and Western Vocal & Instrumental Music
  • Good command over English preferred

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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