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The chemistry teacher is responsible for teaching chemistry to students in the schools and colleges. It is the work of the chemistry teacher to deliver lectures on chemistry topics, monitor the laboratory work of the students, evaluate student performance and record their performance. The chemistry teacher provides the base and the knowledge of chemistry concepts and its applications in real life. They motivate the students to learn and understand these concepts, explore further and co-relate the observations made in the lab to the theoretical frameworks.
Being a part of the educational industry, this profession brings respect and the teachers can use their knowledge to assist students in developing their interests, skills and capabilities in specific areas. The work environment is relaxed with school holidays and long vacations. A good chemistry teacher is able to teach abstract concepts in an easy to understand manner and thus good communication skills is of utmost significance.

Responsibilities & Skills

The chemistry teacher is responsible for giving lectures in the classroom, explaining concepts, assigning lab work to students, monitoring lab work, giving assignments for evaluation, evaluating student performance, and recording their performance. The chemistry teacher is also responsible for conducting research projects, updating their knowledge in the subject, and motivating the students to explore various topics.
• Excellent communication skills
• Critical thinking abilities
• Problem solving capabilities
• Knowledgeable of diverse learning and teaching methods

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelors or master degree in chemistry
  • Degree in education or B.Ed

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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