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Planning to have a career in teaching is probably one of the bravest decisions that you make in your whole life. You need to be extremely interested in this career, as it will call for a lot of patience and hard work. Teaching jobs demand a lot of time to make educational materials that you will need in order to facilitate learning among the students. Apart from keeping them educated, teachers also carry the responsibility of molding the students into better individuals.

A teaching job requires constant updates either in the form of trainings, seminars, or continuing education units. This is needed in order to be more resourceful in creating lesson plans and develop a positive learning atmosphere at all times.

Responsibilities & Skills

It will take a great personality to become effective in any teaching jobs. You will have to deal with different types of students at different age groups and it is quite challenging to individualize your style of teaching in order to match the learning needs of different students. A highly qualified individual should display the following competencies:

• Has a sense of accountability at all times
• Has the stamina to work intensely for long hours
• Has management skills to handle the number of students
• Must be prepared all the time and should be flexible with the teaching skills

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in teaching
  • Master’s degree
  • Training certifications

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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