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Firefighters provide valuable contribution to the society by protecting life and property. Their duty entails that they remain in excellent physical and mental state, acting with prudence and sensitivity whenever needed. Whenever lives are in jeopardy, the firefighters plunge into their jobs so just strength and endurance aren't enough, they need to follow certain work ethics too. They must feel responsible for the people dependant on their service, which means they must work cautiously, yet sensibly. The firefighters should display courage and a host of other traits like commitment, common sense, intelligence, integrity, empathy and maturity. A person who gets cold feet during emergencies will never be a fire fighter. A senior firefighter must maintain cordial relations with his subordinates and superiors because putting out fire is teamwork and can be done only when they are able to communicate well with each other. Due to his job nature, the firefighter must be willing to work in life-threatening situations and still maintain a positive attitude.

Responsibilities & Skills

The main responsibility of a firefighter would be respond to emergency calls. Emergencies include a variety of situations like putting out fire in a building, rescuing people and pets from trapped buildings, bomb situations, air, car and rail crashes, rescuing people and pets from heights and spillage of chemicals and other dangerous substances. The firefighters are also involved in cleaning up debris after accidents and bombing incidents. The fighters must be familiar with the equipments so they can act swiftly whenever emergencies arise.
• Extremely good eyesight
• Excellent physical and mental health
• Organizational skills
• Ability to work with a team
• Problem-solving skills

Required Qualifications

  • Accredited apprenticeships offered by fire departments
  • Certificate or Degree in Fire Science

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Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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