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Social work is a broad industry that needs a lot of people to work on different direct- service oriented tasks. Although it comes in different forms and set of responsibilities, social work jobs share a common objective. Any of the social work jobs needs the social worker to be compassionate and should be prepared for a lot of fieldwork in order to fully understand the nature of the job.

Most social work jobs involve assisting individuals who are going through difficult emotional ordeals. Social workers are tasked to make investigations and make the necessary paper works in order to document everything that is done to the assigned client. The amount of support that the social worker imparts matters too much as it will help the client become well and may even be a reason for him to make positive changes that will fully restore him to his full potential.

Responsibilities & Skills

If you are looking for a job that involves social work, be prepared for the huge amount of responsibilities that goes with it.
• Compassionate
• Good listener
• Observant
• Able to respond to different crises situations

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in social work or
  • A degree in psychology, sociology, or any medical- related course
  • A master’s degree is a must for a clinical career

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Average salary

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Rs 50L


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