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In all types of industries, there is a need to constantly evaluate all operations involved in order to come up and offer different types of products and services. This is where scientific and QA professionals come in. Their jobs entail initiation of tests, quality inspections, and observations of operations in all areas.

A scientific and QA job requires great attention to detail. The person should be keen on making observations and ensure that all other jobs are done right. He is in charge of the documentation of reports including the creation of recommendations in order to make positive improvements in the trade.

Responsibilities & Skills

Since the QA professional is responsible in keeping the business in tiptop shape, he should have a strong skill set that will be utilized in the different processes involved with QA maintenance routines:

• Knowledgeable on all areas assigned and must know in detail all the tasks and processes in a particular department
• Must submit detailed reports to the manager and ensure that everything is well- documented
• If needed, should have a keen interest in developing proposals that will significantly improve the team

Required Qualifications

  • A degree holder of a related course
  • A post-graduate education and training
  • Substantial experience in the industry

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L


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Quality Engineer
300000 - 500000 - Jamshedpur
KGS-RAK-Senior Analyst -Knowledge Management
360000 - 680000 - Gurgaon | Bengaluru / Bangalore
Lead Validation
300000 - 450000 - Bengaluru / Bangalore
Quality Insights Analyst
200000 - 500000 - Gurgaon
Clinical Trial Specialist II
360000 - 680000 - Noida/Greater Noida
300000 - 500000 - Delhi
QC Scientist
300000 - 500000 - Other City(s) in Maharashtra
Sr Scientist-R&D
300000 - 1100000 - Pune
Technical consultant
100000 - 600000 - Bhubaneshwar
400000 - 700000 - Bharuch | Vadodara