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Butchers cut large chunks of meat into smaller pieces that are ready for cooking in homes and restaurants. Since different meat recipes require different sizes and cuts of the meat portions, the butcher must tailor the meat cutting to suit customer requirements. All this requires precision and accuracy in terms of cutting. The work of a butcher thus involves working with sharp tools and slippery surface that may pose dangers against injuries. A steady hand is essential for this job.

Butchers have long working hours and their work involves a lot of interaction with customers and colleagues. Butchers may work in meat shops or factories that pack and store meat products for sale.

Responsibilities & Skills

Butchers are responsible for cutting meat into various sizes depending on the customer requirements, packing the meat products for sale, ensuring that the inventory of supplies is well maintained, ensuring clean and hygienic cutting of meat, keeping the stock in cold storage, serving customers, and supervising other meat cutters.

• Precision and attention to detail is essential for perfect cutting of meat
• Must be physically fit and a steady hand
• Must have a good knowledge of meat cutting
• Must have excellent interpersonal skills

Required Qualifications

  • SSLC passed

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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