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A cashier , as the name suggests , is involved in controlling the incoming and outflowing cash in an organisation , say a bank . Every office / shop has a cashier who deals with all the monetary flow associated with that place. The amount of risk associated with the job of a cashier is in plenty , for a small error in calculation , from his part could end up in a major loss to whoever he serves . Albeit a rewarding and strenuous job , a lot of people eagerly take it up to set their cash registers ring in.

Responsibilities & Skills

The cashier greets customers who come to him . He is then involved in collecting payments and sending out withdrawals in the form of ready cash/ credit card/debit cards.The job of a cashier is that of accuracy . Every single calculation counts and is important while tallying the accounts at the day's end . A small error of judgment from the cashier's part could result in him having to chip in for the lost amount . Therefore, a high degree of alertness and mental shrewdness is expected from the part of a cashier. Training to the junior cashier , resolving of customer complaints and ensuring that the cash-counting devices are not faulty are some other responsibilities of a cashier.

Required Qualifications

  • Degree in Accounting/Economics
  • Awareness of Banking Policies

Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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