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997 Retail Jobs in India

Retail business is a fast-growing industry. From medical supplies, clothing, food, and all other fields, retail is always a significant factor to consider in any type of business. There is always a need for men and women to do jobs that are vital to sustain the retail trade. Most of the retail jobs involve a lot of managers, merchandisers, sales executives, and warehouse managers.

Job seekers on retail should be accustomed to the demanding nature of the industry where quotas should be met regularly and there is always a need to endure against competition.

Responsibilities & Skills

A typical retail job always involves sales. Whether you are going to apply for a store manager or a sales executive, you will be required to pitch for the product that you have and entice as many clients as you can in order to close sales. For this reason, you need to have the following skills to do your responsibilities:
• Can manage and motivate co-workers towards a common goal.
• Ensure efficiency and be able to analyse different situations to facilitate problem solving.
• Promote the products effectively and generates fresh ideas to increase sales.
• Has a sharp business sense and is commercially aware of the existing competition.

Required Qualifications

  • A degree in marketing, management, or accounting for management positions.
  • An experience in the retail industry whether voluntary or paid work.

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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Latest Retail Jobs

Customer Development Officer
400000 - 600000 - Pune
SrManager/ Deputy General Manager Manafacturing Excellence
200000 - 600000 - Other City(s) in Andhra Pradesh
Business development Manager for Export House
500000 - 800000 - Delhi | Agra
Graphic Designers
300000 - 500000 - Delhi
Office Clerk,Clerk
50000 - 55000 - Dubai
300000 - 600000 - Bengaluru / Bangalore
Web Developer
300000 - 500000 - Delhi
Business Development - Sales
300000 - 500000 - Delhi