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10 jobs available in Rampur

Rampur is a city and a district in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. It is best known for its rich culture, as witnessed its its exquisite collection of in excess of 12,000 manuscripts dating back hundreds of years, the famous Raza Library at the fort of rampur, its huge collection of mughal miniature paintings, and various other artefacts of its cultural lineage. The city has always set the tone for architecture and cultural trends in the area.

The city is well known for its rich nawabi mughal cuisine, its finely crafted knives, and its many musical legends, including the famous gharanas, and its many festivals, which residents celebrate with great fanfare. The city is also known for its cotton milling industries, and its many sugar refineries. Some of the attractions include the Jama Masjid, the Raza Library, the planetarium, the Ambdekar Park, Gandhi Samadhi and the Kothi Khas Bagh.

Top jobs in Rampur

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Latest Rampur jobs

Area Sales Executive
Punjab Nagar, 244901
Surgical Oncologist
10-20 - Bilaspur
15-25 - Bilaspur
General Lap Surgeon
20-30 - Bilaspur
15-25 - Bilaspur
20-25 - Bilaspur
10-15 - Bilaspur
10-20 - Bilaspur