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The Indian real estate market has been in bubble territory since 2005. While they may show signs of crumbling occasionally , the market strikes back more resurgent than ever. In this ever-changing market , a housing developer assumes a role of central importance. They research the housing market , engage in liaisons with brokers and constantly research for areas that could be developed.

Responsibilities & Skills

Housing developers should keep their eyes open and be able to identify an attractive development opportunity whenever and wherever it arises. Once the land has been identified , they need to work with professionals - agents , brokers , lawyers to draft affidavits and contacts required. External help may be sought in the form of financial aid. The next step is to assemble a team of architects, engineers, marketers, agents, builders to facilitate the development of the aforesaid land. The developer should ensure that the housing area thus constructed adhered to the Government rules and regulations. Once the area has been developed , regular maintenance work must be undertaken and supervised by the housing developer.

Required Qualifications

  • Degree in Civil Engineering , Business or Management

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