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23 Real Estate Agent jobs in India

A real estate agent has the onerous task of selling real estate, homes or commercial properties to buyers and companies. It needs a fair bit of persuasion and people management skills to be able to convince prospective clients that any property is worth investing their money in. They serve as an important link between the builders and clients of property and have the task of finalizing the deal on any piece of estate bought.
Property owners who want to sell their homes or office spaces also get in touch with them to find suitable clients. There are numerous factors that influence the property markets and a real estate agent has to be able to bite the bullet and take factors like recession in the economy and a slump in the property markets in their stride.
They offer a wide range of properties which are suited to the budgets of their prospective clients and besides a fixed salary make a commission on every deal which can range from 1-5% of the cost of the property or even more in certain cases.

Responsibilities & Skills

- The agent gathers detailed information about the property to be put up for sale and also helps to decide the price as per market values of property in the particular area
- Place relevant ads in the local newspapers and also put up billboards and to-let signs on the property notifying the public
- Marketing and promoting property at different building industry events and taking clients to the site
- Getting all the paperwork in place including legal and tax issues while indulging in detailed negotiations with customers

Required Qualifications

  • No qualifications necessary as yet, but this is changing as the industry becomes more and more consolidated
  • It is advantageous to have a graduate degree in any discipline with preferably an MBA or PGDM from a recognized university.

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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