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20 Property Jobs in India

There is a broad range of job opportunities in the property industries. Usually, the job opportunities are directed towards the management of properties. Major companies in the property industry almost always deal with procurement and management of different properties. It is no wonder why most job vacancies are for property consultants and real estate agents.

Since this industry will most likely deal with big time clients, property jobs entails great responsibility on the shoulders of the employees. The industry will demand a lot of time and effort from the employees’ end in order to close important contracts and build a wide network of clientele.

Responsibilities & Skills

The nature of the job is very broad but will always require client meetings. Closing property contracts always rely on the efforts, intelligence, plus a lot of charm from the agent. Since it always involves client interaction the following interpersonal skills are a must to be effective in this industry:
• Confident to talk to the client either by phone or face to face
• Can positively respond to the inquiries of the client
• Able to make reasonable amends in resolving misunderstandings and making decisions

Required Qualifications

  • A graduate of an engineering, architecture, or a management course
  • Trained and a member from a reputable professional body in the property sector

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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