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Photographers are a special league of people who see things differently and then try to capture them on camera. They see the extraordinary even in mundane things in life. When a remarkably creative person equipped with boundless technical knowledge of camera decides to become a photographer then he will definitely become successful. Photography can never be seen as a job, it is a passion, a lifestyle in itself. A photographer must be able to capture the thoughts and feelings of people and then portray them in an interesting manner. To gain confidence and to sharpen abilities, an aspirant can undergo formal training and seek jobs in airlines, cruise ships, advertising agencies, event management companies, films, war zones, newspapers, television, or even start his own studio. Many people prefer to do freelancing as it will help them expand their creative talents. An entry-level photographer can also work under an experienced photographer to gain hands-on experience before taking on work. It will help him gain a better understanding of the photography world.

Responsibilities & Skills

It is the main responsibility of the photographer to listen to the client's demands and take photographs that will depict the product/service/building in an exciting manner. The photographer must also do considerable research on his subject because only then will he be able to take better photographs. He must also keep himself updated with the latest trends in the photography equipments, including light, camera, lenses and other accessories. While salaried photographers have scheduled work hours, freelancers will have to bend their schedule to accommodate work and often have to work on weekends too.

A photographer should possess:

Computer skills including photography softwares
Eye for detail
Ability to meet deadlines
Good interpersonal skills

Required Qualifications

  • Certificate Course in Digital Still Photography
  • Knowledge of Studio Lighting
  • Knowledge of Basic Computer Operation

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Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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