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This classification does not really constitute a real industry, but rather those unique jobs which cannot be classified into other types. This can touch different into different sectors like food, hospitality, banking information technology and finance. This is also another one of those professions that prizes skills over academic achievement. Entry level jobs are easy to come by since a high level of educational attainment is not necessarily needed. Specialized trainings and the ability to perform the assigned duties will be the basis for qualification. More often than not, these training are conducted after a certain applicant is hired so these kinds of job are certainly a big help lessening the unemployment rate. This is also why these general jobs are famous for being part time work. A lot of people receive flexible hours while getting the equivalent salary.

Responsibilities & Skills

These general jobs do not really entail any specific responsibility like other industries. The things needed are the skills that are relevant to a particular job. For example, getting a driver will require a person who knows how to drive and someone who possesses a license. Meanwhile a photographer will have to possess a first grade quality camera to produce good photos, etc.

Must be able-bodied and physically strong
Good communication skills
Must be flexible with work hours

Required Qualifications

  • No specific educational attainment is needed
  • Specialized training in the related field

Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L


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