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Orissa is a state on the eastern coast of India, with a unique economy that is largely supported by the coastal strip and the Mahanadi river delta. This arrangement has also led to Orissa being very susceptible to cyclonic disturbances in the Bay of Bengal.

Orissa contains 20% of India's coal reserves and one-third of its bauxite reserves. It is one of the most naturally rich states in the country and has recently started to receive large investments in the steel, power and refinery industries. IT firms have also started setting up branches here to take advantage of one of the fastest growing state economies of modern India.

While sustenance agriculture is widely practiced and often seen as a cause of economic instability in this often flood-ravaged state, Orissa is seeing one of the largest inflows of capital into the manufacturing sector in post-independence India. Both domestic and foreign forecasts predict that Orissa is set to be a future powerhouse in the Indian economy.

The Sun Temple, Jagannath Temple, and the state’s many caves and forests are the main tourist attractions in the area.

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