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Mysore, often seen as the pensioner’s paradise and a necessary counterpoint to Bangalore rapid growth rate, is a very important historical center. It once served as the capital to the famous Kingdom of Mysore and is seen as the cultural capital of Karnataka. The famous Mysore Palace is a sight to behold and is best seen during the Dasara Festival.

Tourism is therefore a major industry but textiles is the traditional industry of the city. IT is a growing IT industry as well, and other famous industries around the area include sandalwood carving, bronzework, and weaving. Mysore has been rated one of the best cities to conduct business in.

Mysore is a calm, laid back city, with vast green cover, wide roads, and friendly people. A variety of companies are slowly taking advantage of these working conditions when it is possible to be away from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore's business districts.

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