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Mizoram, which translates to "The Land of the Hill People", forms the southernmost tip of North East India. Like most other states in the area, the majority of the population is indigenous tribes, living mostly isolated from the rest of the world on highly mountainous territory. The state’s landscape is known for its rolling hills, valleys, and waterbodies.

Mizoram, unlike its sister states, is one of the fastest growing economies in the country, with the second highest GDP growth in the recent years. The largest contributors to Mizorams recent boom have been agricultural exports, public administration and construction work. The service sector makes up more than half of the state’s economy.

While the state has poor potential for industrialisation, with poor mineral resources and a lack of decent infrastructure, it has made the most of its agricultural resources, especially biofuels. The state’s hydropower potential also remains largely untapped so prospects for the state remain bright.

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