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3,255 in India

The manufacturing industry is a highly technical field. Before entering in the field, one must have proper qualifications and training about the basic processes that production will go through. Professionals are responsible for planning everything from the brainstorming to the manufacturing process itself. Improvements on products will also have to be made so analytical and problem solving skills will come in handy. In a nutshell, those who are deeply involved with the manufacturing process are both designers and thinkers who can work spontaneously to produce the desired output.

A lot of sectors can be touched when one is interested in the manufacturing industry; there is food, oil, drinks, and pharmaceuticals. Although they may differ greatly in terms of product output, any worker’s goal is to produce good quality outputs that can be sold in the market.

Responsibilities & Skills

The main responsibility of professionals who work in this industry is the production of goods and products. Workers will need to be familiar with the different machineries and equipment that is being used during the production process. Troubleshooting is also a must know.
- Extensive knowledge about the manufacturing processes
- Must be competent in problem solving, math and technical skills
- Excellent communication skills

Required Qualifications

  • A high school diploma as minimum educational background
  • Specialised training in the area of expertise, e.g. apprenticeship, college training

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L


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IT Engineer
240000 - 300000 - Faridabad
Eng I - Prod Config (B0023) (335554)
360000 - 680000 - Philippines
Sr Mgr I - Operations (B0092) (335650)
360000 - 680000 - Philippines
200000 - 1000000 - Other City(s) in Saudi Arabia
Certification Engineer (289050)
360000 - 680000 - New York City
Fashion Designer
900000 - 1400000 - Delhi
Application Developer: Siebel
360000 - 680000 - Delhi/NCR | Bengaluru / Bangalore