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Mangalore, located on the western coast of the country, and the most popular coastal destination in Karnataka, is a very diverse city - culturally, demographically, and religiously. Set amidst tropical coconut groves, streams, and rolling hills, and with expansive views of houses topped with the famous locally produced red Mangalore tiles, the city is an idyllic getaway.

It is no economic slouch either. While largely dominated by agriculture and maritime trade through the ports, Mangalore is also famous for its chemicals, fertilisers, iron ore, and petrochemical products. It is an important port for import of wood, oil and timber. Of late the education boom in Mangalore started by the Mangalore University and the Manipal group of institutions has set off a boom in IT and outsourcing companies recruiting and being located in the area.

The Government has quickly established IT parks and Special Economic Zones to cater for their needs. The largest exports are coffee and cashews, while the ancient boat building and fishing industries continue to thrive amidst the modern influx.

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