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40 Maintenance Jobs in India

Jobs in the maintenance industry span the entire economy. Buildings such as housing blocks, schools, offices, and hotels have entire armies of maintenance professionals to ensure that every light bulb is working and every trash can is kept from overflowing. Factories and airports require 24 hour maintenance for their various machines to remain humming. Without maintenance staff, our ease of living would be severely disrupted.

However, some jobs in maintenance can be relatively hard to come by, or may not offer much job security. This is particularly the case for maintenance staff working in buildings, where the skills required to undertake the job are fairly low-level. Those working in factories and airports, or anywhere where complex machinery operates, are in a better position as there are usually less people able to undertake these maintenance activities.

Responsibilities & Skills

Maintenance professionals should be diligent, conscientious, and have an eye for detail. Depending on the tasks involved, training and extra skills may be necessary. Maintenance staff working in buildings will likely be in contact with the general public, so good communication skills are appreciated. It’s likely that maintenance professionals work in teams and to tight schedules, so the ability to work well with colleagues is also a must.

Required Qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalency (training)
  • Depending on area of expertise, further qualifications may be required

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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