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173 Legal Jobs in India

Legal jobs span the entire legal industry, from researchers and paralegals to lawyers and judges. Careers in law often start at the bottom of the ladder, undertaking a large volume of analytical work for more senior colleagues. Over time, as your skills develop and you become trusted, you will be asked to take on more client facing responsibility and develop your argumentative expertise.
Further up the ladder, accomplished lawyers have been known to transition into government and industry positions at all levels, or further up the judiciary into roles as Judges and Justices. Mahatma Gandhi trained as a lawyer and is an inspiration to many who enter the field.

Responsibilities & Skills

A legal professional needs a fine eye for detail, an analytical mindset, and an excellent command of English. On top of this, superb communication skills are a must in order to deliver one’s argument clearly in the written or spoken word. Lawyers must uphold the highest ethical values at all times as their actions and words have to potential to act as the proverbial stone dropped into a pond, causing ripples throughout all levels of society.

Required Qualifications

  • Law degree undergraduate or at a graduate two- year paralegal associate degree in law
  • Diploma or proper training
  • Courtroom experience

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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Latest Legal Jobs

Manager/ Sr Manager- Legal
300000 - 500000 - Ahmedabad
Customer Care Rep
360000 - 680000 - Mumbai
300000 - 500000 - Bengaluru / Bangalore
200000 - 500000 - Bengaluru / Bangalore
200000 - 600000 - Bengaluru / Bangalore
Real Estate Expert
200000 - 400000 - Chandigarh
Legal Counsel
360000 - 680000 - Bengaluru / Bangalore
Legal Officer
300000 - 800000 - Hyderabad/Secunderabad