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Kota is located on the chambal river, 240 kilometers south of Jaipur, the capital of the state of Rajasthan. It is the third largest city in the state, and a counter magnet for the national capital region. The city is a major trading centre for the many crops and products in the area. These include millet, wheat, rice, coriander, various oilseeds, pulses.

The industries that are based around the city are the cotton and oilseeds mills, textiles, distilleries, small and medium business in handicrafts, especially metal handicrafts, and large industries in fertilisers, chemicals and all kinds of engineering equipment. It is one of only two cities in India that has an assured 24-hour water supply. Another famous product of Kota is the Kota variety of limestone.

Kota is very well known for its palaces and monuments. Increasingly, Kota is becoming a major higher educations centre, with coaching institutions set up for various competitive exams.

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