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Kanpur, founded by the Chandelas, is one of the largest industrial cities of Uttar Pradesh. It is mainly known for its leather goods and products, and contains some of the longest standing and finest tanneries in the country.

Kanpur is also one of the biggest producers of textiles. Its other industrial concerns are fertilisers, two wheelers, chemicals, soaps and hosiery. Kanpur is also a large trading town and very famous for its many traders.

While the pollution caused by the tanneries kept investment away in earlier times, of late the problem seems have been brought under control, and there is a wealth of investment in Kanpur's untapped potential and advantages stemming from its geographical location - which puts it smack in the middle of four intersecting national highways.

The Awadhpuri locality for instance, has recently seen the development of a Software Technology Park. The firms in the city have a vast local talent pool to access, as Kanpur has always been known for its educational institutions, including a world renowned Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur.

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