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Jamnagar is a seaside city, and a major military base in the state of Gujarat. It is also the fifth largest city in the state. The city lies to the south of the famous Rann of Kutch, and is well connected to the capital and the commercial centre of Ahmedabad. Jamnagar is most famous for housing the worlds largest oil refinery, established by Reliance in a nearby village. It is also the location of another large refinery by the Essar group. Therefore, Jamnagar is also known as the Oil City of India.

Other industries includes the many brass manufacturing units, almost 10,000 smale scale units in number. But these are slowly giving way to the much more lucrative oil trade. Bauxite and Bandhini textiles are some other prominent drivers of income. The city is a major military base with the air force, navy and army all having headquarters in the area due its waether and location. Its sea port is also a well known.

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Mining Engineer
400000 - 900000 - Jamnagar
Lead Electrical Engineer
400000 - 800000 - Jamnagar
Lead Mechanical and Piping Engineer
400000 - 800000 - Jamnagar
Lead HSE Engineer
400000 - 800000 - Jamnagar
Lead Instrumentation Engineer
400000 - 800000 - Jamnagar
Make a career in SEO – Jamnagar
50000 - 120000 - Jamnagar
Sr Manager / Dy General Manager
300000 - 500000 - Jamnagar
Sr Manager - Distribution
300000 - 500000 - Jamnagar