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Jammu located in the southern part of Jammu & Kashmir is the winter capital of the state, and the gateway into the Kashmir Valley and the Himalayan range.

Jammu contains some of India's most revered and scenic shrines and temples, and is as much a pilgrimage center as a tourist destination. The relatively easier terrain has also led to much faster growth in infrastructure and promoted a larger array of economic activity in the area, in comparison with other parts of the state.

The main attractions in the city include the Purmandal, an ancient holy place, the famous Vaishno Devi shrine, Mansar Lake, Nandini wildlife sanctuary, and various other forts, temples and caves.

Jammu is also known for its cultural splendour that is at its peak during one of its myriad festivals. The access to better infrastructure has also led to Jammu containing the best universities and education institutions in the state.

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