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If trouble shooting and problem solving is your cup of tea, then you could easily become an IT support representative. IT companies require skilled candidates for this job; somebody who can remain patient, has technical expertise and possess the creativity and foresight to help people solve their computer-related problems. Dealing with customers who face technical issues can be a tedious task because most people are not technically competent when it comes to computers and their accessories and need step-by-step guidance. That is why the technical support executive should have excellent problem-solving skills. Mix that with a generous amount of logic and he can always be successful at helping customers overcome their problems. An IT helpdesk representative will work in shifts, so he should be comfortable with working nights too. An excellent track record can make him senior technical support representative and from there department leader. His expertise is demanded in system administration, programming and technical sales.

Responsibilities & Skills

As helpdesk operator, the candidate will have to deal with various types of people, so he has to recognise their needs and provide timely support. The IT support desk representative should provide help in installing and configuring computer systems, recognise problems that arise during software installation and solve then, check on customer queries and complaints queues, and do an in depth study of the complaint queue and recognise a pattern or trend, and present the issue to the concerned authorities.

• Good reasoning skills
• Common sense and logic
• Problem-solving skills
• Patient
• Excellent communication skills

Required Qualifications

  • Certificate Course in Hardware and Networking
  • Computer Networking Course
  • IT Support Professional Certification

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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