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A Waiter/Waitress will typically work in a bar, a restaurant, a café, a hotel, or any other establishment or temporary event such as a weeding or an anniversary, where food and / or beverage serving is required. The main task of a Waiter/Waitress is to handle the dishes and drinks from the serving area to the consumption area.

A Waiter/Waitress will also have to pay close attention to the clients’ needs and be able to advise them and answer their possible questions. Being Waiter/Waitress can be physically stressing as the work involves a lot of standing around and walking carrying things that should not be spilt and / or can be rather hot and tricky to hold.

Responsibilities & Skills

A Waiter/Waitress is in charge of taking the costumers’ orders and of delivering the demanded foods and drinks to their table. In order to become a good Waiter/Waitress, one has to have the following skills:

- Be polite and well mannered
- Have good communication skills
- Have a fine knowledge of the food and drinks served in order to be able to advise the customer

Required Qualifications

  • Waiter training course
  • Culinary or oenology studies

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Rs 50L

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