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A Sous-Chef works in a kitchen, generally in a restaurant or hotel’s kitchen, and is placed under the orders of a Chef or head-cook. A Sous-Chef will be asked to carry out general kitchen tasks as well as more advanced culinary techniques and processes. A Sous-chef will rarely work on his own and will assist the Chef with a team of co-workers most often.

A Sous-Chef, along with good culinary and cooking knowledge, will need to have a strong physical condition, as he will have to stand up most of his working hours, and sometimes carry rather heavy loads.

Responsibilities & Skills

A Sous-Chef needs to be able to take quickly specific orders from the chef and carry out the required culinary tasks accordingly in order to obtain sufficient quality in the dishes served to the final clients. A good Sous-Chef will need the following set of skills to achieve a reasonable career:
- Be able to work quickly and under pressure
- Be able to work in a team and take orders
- Be capable of working in a sometimes hot and busy atmosphere

Required Qualifications

  • Cooking training course
  • Culinary diploma

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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