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141 Restaurant Manager jobs in India

A Restaurant Manager is in charge of the good day-to-day functioning of a restaurant business. He has to manage a team of cook, commis and waitresses, and has to make sure they all handle their different assigned tasks accordingly to the health and quality recommendations and standards.

Most often, a Restaurant Manager is a former cook or chef, with many years of experience that has been on a business management course in order to take the position, since culinary knowledge can be very beneficial for this job and client satisfaction. But daily administrative work is also handled by the Restaurant Manager, or under his supervision.

Responsibilities & Skills

A Restaurant Manager is responsible for obtaining the satisfaction of the clients by making sure food and beverages meet certain standards of quality, but also often has to handle the administrative affaires of the business. A good Restaurant Manager will need the following skills:

- Administrative skills
- Culinary knowledge
- Good communication skills
- Great with people and a good manager

Required Qualifications

  • Food Hygiene Certificate
  • Business or Management Degree preferred

Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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