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Wouldn't it be cool to hang out with a music band you've always loved hearing ? And not just hang out but be their representative in front of promoters and agents? If you heard yourself say 'Yes' to the 2 questions, a booking manager is what you should be! Essentially, a booking manager has the job of booking gigs for the band/theatre/ group he represents. These may be for concerts or promotional events . The manager is almost like the official spearhead of the entity he promotes. A cool job to be involved in especially if one is good at networking and liaisons.

Responsibilities & Skills

The most important item on the agenda of a booking manager is to set up performances for his band. He quotes a price that the band would be charging , participates in negotiations and finally has to come to an agreement between both parties. In the event of a fault payment , he has the power to call off the concert . The booking agent , if acquainted with the genre of music he's involved in could help serve his team better by acquiring appropriate gigs. He also has the onus upon him to ensure that the travel arrangements and other needs of the band are met while during the concert. He also oversees the security instalments made to ensure they're proper. In the event that the organisers are doubtful about the crowd turnout for a particular performance( say, in the case of a new band ) , the manager could help clarify such doubts .

Required Qualifications

  • No specific qualification is required. Good networking abilities will count in.

Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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