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Chemists undertake the tasks of analyzing chemicals, solutions, and compounds in the laboratory. Their research and experiments help in developing new products, modifying existing attributes and improving the existing formulas to deliver better results. The investigation carried out by the chemists thus helps in understanding the properties of new and existing formulations based on which new drugs and chemical products are designed. Chemists may be involved in chemical analysis, forensic analysis, product development, quality monitoring, or drug formulation activities.

Chemists use computers and various other technology based tools to study the chemical composition of the solutions and analyze its properties. The information retrieved from these observations and experiments are processed to arrive at specific results that is used to formulating new or better products. Thus while some chemists work towards finding the cure for diseases, there are others who work on formulating effective sprays for higher yields to the farmers.

Responsibilities & Skills

Chemists are responsible for analyzing chemical samples, using analytical techniques to interpret findings, collect information, record observations, document evidences and developing, improving, or tailoring products, solutions, and facilities based on the findings. The chemists also undertake various research projects with the goal of promoting a better understanding of the some chemical reactions or processes.
- Logical and deductive reasoning abilities
- Intrinsic motivation to undertake new challenges
- Ability to handle instruments and IT skills
- Problem solving abilities

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelors or master degree in chemistry

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Rs 50L

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