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The city of Hathras, located in Uttar Pradesh, is te headquarters of a larger district that includes some of the most famous parts of the state - these include Mathura, Agra and Aligarh. Hathras traces its roots back to British occupation, when it was the headquarters of the large agricultural trading network established by the British, mainly to trade in cotton.

Today, Hathras continues to produce large quantities of various Ghee products and asafoetida, while the cotton industry has taken a back seat. Instead sugar and grain dominate agricultural trade. Its most famous product are the colours and chemicals used for gulal, and holi products, as well as the manufacture of garments, carpets and various other items.

As can been seen by walking along its streets, the city has a rich cultural history and has been the seat of many famous poets, architects, musicians and playwrights - both ancient and modern. The city also has a large number of temples and the famous Jain Mangalaytan complex, which is a temple and a research complex.

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