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A major historical centre, Gwalior is known for its strategic importance to multiple rulers over the course of Indian history, its wonderful architecture, and contribution to Indian culture. It is often referred to as the tourist capital of Madhya Pradesh with the famous Gwalior Fort, Sun Temple, Usha Kiran Palace and Maharaj Bada amongst many other attractions.

Gwalior still remains a strategic location, but for industrial ambitions and not military ones. Its location at an important junction to New Delhi has led to a large influx of capital and investment into the area surrounding the city, with industries ranging from textiles, dairy, chemical, manufacturing as well as smaller industries such as pottery and handicrafts taking root. Pharma companies too have now started considering Gwalior seriously as a potential destination.

One must also visit the tomb of Rani Lakshmibai and Jai Vilas Mahal. Gwalior during one of its famous trade fairs is also a sight to behold.

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