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Gorakhpur is a city on the Rapti river, located in northern Uttar Pradesh, 60 kilometres from the border of Nepal. It is a very important district in the area as its a major railway hub, with 10 major railways stations within its district, and much of the city's economy depends on the trade that comes in through its railway connections. The city is home to the Gorakhnath temple, and many Buddhist pilgrimage sites. In fact, the city is an important religious centre for Hindus and Buddhists.

The larger Gorapkhpur are has a growing service sector, and its economy is moving towards being primary service industry driven. Gorakhpur also enjoys the best medical and educational facilities in the area, and hence gets a lot of immigrant workers.

Other places of interest include Leela Chitra Mandir, Ramabhar Stupa, Vishnu Mandir, Mahaparinirvana temple, the nearby town of Maghar - best known for the burial spot of the famous mystic poet Kabir.

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Business Development Manager
500000 - 1200000 - Gorakhpur
Sales Executive ( FMCG)
200000 - 700000 - Gorakhpur