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Ghaziabad, situated in Uttar Pradesh is actually a part of the National Capital Region of Delhi, and is often called the "Gateway of UP." It is a planned industrial city and the primary commercial hub of western Uttar Pradesh.

Ghaziabad is extremely well connected by road, rail and air, and the Ghaziabad-Delhi highways is constantly seeing investment into properties by the side of highway. These are largely residential and commercials centers, and are slated to provide relief to the over-crowded capital city of Delhi.

The major industries in Ghaziabad include Rubber, plastic and petroleum, chemicals, metals, food processing, machinery and tools, electric machinery and equipment, automotive parts and various woven products.

In keeping with Ghaziabad's rapid rise as a residential destinations, the number of schools and educational institutions in the area is increasing too. Famous personalities from the city include the politician Arjun Kejriwal, the cricketer Suresh Raina, and the famous British businessman and sailor Donald Crowhurst.

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