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Also known as the city of Bangle, Firozabad is a famous city in Uttar Pradesh. The city has a long and interesting history, and it was most famous for its glass works and bangle production. There was an industrious network of small business activity connected with various parts of bangle production which were renowned across the world.

Currently Firozabad's economy is split between small scale manufacturing and rural agriculture. While two-thirds of its workforce is rural, its manufacturing industry and the trade and markets that centre around it form the bulk of its GDP. Currently there are about 400 businesses and manufacturing units engaged in glassware production of all types. These include jars, candle stands, glasses, vases as well as decorative lighting is produced. There is also a well developed glass etching support network in the city.

Off late, Firozabad has started to see some diversification, with chemicals, packaging and service industries moving into the city.

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