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Plant engineers work in industrial plants and are required to plan, design and maintain industrial processing plants facilities and equipments. He must be able to quickly identify problems and repair them. Job seekers with an engineering degree can easily become a plant engineer. They can work in power plants, oil companies and other type of manufacturing companies and there will be other plant engineers to share the workload. If the job seeker is looking for a senior level post (mostly plant manager), then he will have to manage the other plant engineers and make sure they work according to company requirements. Only a person with a great love of machinery and have an instinct about them will be able to perform this job well. It is the plant engineer's duty to ensure the proper functioning of the machinery and other equipments and to make sure the production process goes swiftly and without any delays.

Responsibilities & Skills

It is one of the sole responsibilities of the plant engineer to estimate the production cost of machineries and equipments and make sure they stay within the limits. He also changes the design of the products and alerts the management on the reasons to change them. He co-ordinates all the activities needed to design a product right from its conceptualization stage to its ultimate production. He makes sure the products released by the company comply with customer demands and contract requirements.

A physiotherapist should possess:

• Problem-solving capabilities
• Good in oral communication
• Decision making
• Ability to quickly identify and resolve problems

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering preferred in certain cases

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Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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