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A person with commendable creative and artistic skills with a taste for interior decoration can become an interior decorator. She has to take into account a number of factors when she becomes an interior decorator. An eye for detail, combined with aesthetic and practical sense with a sprinkling of color sense will give birth to a successful interior designer. They are in demand everywhere and can seek jobs in hospitals, hotels, large and small corporations, homeowners, architectural and engineering firms, malls, retail stores, health industry, ships, boats and so on. A person with considerable experience can then move on to concentrate on specialised areas like kitchen, living room, bathroom, office rooms and the like. There are no set working hours for an interior designer. She can decide on her timings and work through the weekend if she wants. The job is a highly paid one and entails recognition and respect. Anyone interested in becoming an interior designer should undergo formal training because there is always a demand for experienced interior designers in the market.

Responsibilities & Skills

The main responsibility of the interior designer would be to enhance the aesthetic aspects of a building and conjure up a perfect correlation of color, textures, lighting, furniture, space and artworks. The designer meets with the clients and discusses the functionality of the room and then decides on the decorations that will enhance it depending on the owner/visitor requirements. Once she sees an empty space area, she has to use her creative skills to develop it into something unique and innovative.

• Good communication skills
• Innate creativity
• Excellent imagination
• Formal education program
• Practical, aesthetic sense

Required Qualifications

  • B.Arch in Interior Design
  • B.Des in Interior Design
  • Diploma in Interior Design

Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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