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Geologists are scientists with technical skills and knowledge about the matter that form the Earth. In simple words, they study the nature of rocks and predict their usability to mankind. The job nature of a geologist is far and wide. For drilling companies, a geologist lends his support by checking the quality of the ground and predicting its worth and economic advantages the company is likely to enjoy when the land is drilled. The geologist has to be thorough with his geography lessons before he could qualify for the post of a geologist. Geologists are in great demand in oil fields, quarry operations, environmental agencies and quarry operations. The thrill occurs when the geologist is able to find oil during drilling expeditions. Of course, this job has its own challenges, but it is certainly rewarding and fulfilling. Decisions are tough to make and they could affect the future of the company he is working for, but this is a highly lucrative career with plenty of scope for career growth.

Responsibilities & Skills

Responsibilities and skills
A geologist has to study the nature of rocks, classify them and predict their behavior. He also needs to apply his knowledge in magnetic principles, ground water resources, volcanoes, rock formations and fossils and research on them before predicting the nature of the land and whether drilling would be a feasible option. The main responsibility of the geologist would be to discover natural resources that could then be refined and sold as commercial products. He should have an idea of the mineral resources within the earth's crust, and gauge their usefulness to mankind.
• Observational skills
• Logical thinking
• Problem solving skills
• Effective communication
• Mathematical genius

Required Qualifications

  • B. Sc in Geology
  • Post PG Diploma in Geoinformatics in Earth Science
  • Good base in geography
  • Strong knowledge in sedimentology, mineralogy, hydrogeology, physical geology, palaeontology and structural geology.

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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